Its no secret whats going on in society at this very second that we can all agree on is, the huge percentage of people who quote on quote  want to make America great again.


However, as an African American Woman in today’s society, I am struggling to find a time America was all around great!


To fully pick a side I went and did research to find not all, but more than enough of the reasons that I personally feel America has work to be done before we consider ourselves all around great.

The Trail of Tears 1838, The Dred Scott Decision 1857, The battle of Antietam 1862, The Stock Market Crash 1929, Interment Camps 1942, Dropping of the Bomb 1945, Bay of Pigs 1961, Vietnam 1960s, 9/11 2001, Holocaust 1933, slavery 1619, KKK 1865, and bad cops PRESENT.

All of the pieces of history above stated are support to why we have never fully been great. Aside from these there are plenty of times in history that prove that we may be home of some brave ones but we have never fully lived as the home of the free.


On the night of February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, United States, George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American high school student. I remember sitting diligently watching every clue, accounting every detail, and just hoping the phrase the home of the free would apply to both parties. Instead, I remember the way I felt sick to my stomach when Zimmerman was announced not guilty on July 13,2013. As much as I couldn’t believe it, wasn’t the first time we witnessed that type of murder. How does one brain process that when they have a young black brother, nephews, cousins, and friends. Some people never felt the feeling I felt in my stomach that day, and some never will.


After all my thoughts and watching that trial day after day, I put this piece together to express how I feel! Its almost like a nightmare that around this time three years ago the no guilty decision was read , years later,  were in the same boat black men being killed by those who are set out to protect us.






Are We The Home Of The Free? 


Cliche i see it all over the world today!

We mock the past like today’s bad has gone away!

They say equal rights

Yet Zimmerman walked away

Police continue to take lives

When their suppose to be on our side

They say the land of the free

But price tags even got a price tag

Not free to wear a hoodie

Not free to buy skittles and tea

Not free to walk down the street

Not even free to take a shortcut in another community

Welcome to the home of the brave

Where a armed Grown man can follow a child freely

Where he can freely claim self defense

Where a grown man can shoot and kill freely with no consequence

One man one gun can freely take the life of a boy who’s a son, a brother, a cousin

A nation where people say they want to go back to the good days

I look back and see the same days

Minorities being lynched then

minorities being killed now

So i don’t want to go back

I want to move forward

To a day I’m actually free

When the constitution successfully defends me

When laws apply to ALL

And when we can fulfill the prophecy of being ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!

By: Melissa Rashaun Scroggins




So when people say make America great again, just what era are they talking? That’s the problem were trying to mold America into quote on quote great again when the blue print was always corrupt.



How can we fix whats broken, with broken pieces? What can you donate to the cause to make us the land of the free after-all? What do you pledge to do? I pledge to have an open mind, lend a helping hand, and give unlimited hugs free of charge. ;D

Leave a comment, email, a tweet, send a bird with a letter, whatever form. Let me hear those pledges. I will be posting pledges throughout the week!!!!!