Do you remember being a child grabbing a book from the book shelf solely based off the picture on the cover? You were attracted to the color, or maybe the title rubbed you the right way. In that moment  you felt you knew the book based off those two things.

The logical thinking behind being a kid and judging a book by its cover is its expected. One of the most detrimental things of neighborhoods around the world today is the idea of judging others not by who they are, but based on the exterior, or even where they come from. Would you be shocked if I told you this is hardly ever a huge percentage of kids, meaning its the adults who are suppose to be leading and teaching the youth of America.

I remember growing up In Phoenix, Arizona on the South Side of town.  Growing up we were stereo typed, and always counted out. Friends couldn’t come over because it just wasn’t safe. Time after Time people constantly moved away. So building relationships was something that I wasn’t always adapted to. Whats that chance the rapper song Summer Friends. Some people were like summer here and than gone.  I always told myself I would fight for whats right, and go after what I Wanted in life, because nothing could stop me. I remember the fight all the time about me being defined by all the negative of  where I grew up.  So this piece is dedicated to my city, A place I will never be ashamed of, and A place I will ALWAYS call home with my head held high!!!




By: Melissa Scroggins 



You see! I had my lows 

But god introduced me to my highs.

Yea I grew up running the streets of the South-Side!

No shame but were from that part of town where for a while

People dared not to come around,

Nights you and your family on the ground,

Gun shots outside ya window, to keep it simple.

We from the south-side

Constant shooting, constant funerals, constant abusers and users,

Called us losers,

Claimed we wont amount to a thing.

Parents always told me no matter whats around you gone succeed.

You see I wont declare I made it, but I will declare that i’m on my way.

Cant nothing stop me but me.

I’m from the South Side society said i wasn’t suppose to have two parents.

I was suppose to have tons of kids, and live off the system.

Society said I wouldn’t have a job,

Wouldn’t even know how to fill out an application, and couldn’t build a resumé.

They never broadcast the true me because that would be a front page story. 

You see i’m from the South Side!

I built my own system from god on up. 

You see i’m from the South Side and I have a lot of pride.

I chose a path that I could live with and others could benefit. 

You see i’m from the South Side where things have changed

but because the past we still to this day carry a bad name.

I’m from the South Side where now society has run out of plans.

Those kids from the South Side who were once not a threat are

Running businesses, getting degrees, managing, supervising,

Becoming professionals, and living out gods plan. 

I’m from the South Side where I realized it was I.

I who god let live through all this, meaning I had purpose.

I who had to desire change, I who had to make the moves, I who chose not to lose.

I’m from the South Side where my faith in god has fully been restored.

I’m from the South Side where sometimes open doors close

I’m from the South Side where you have to keep knocking at doors

Until you find yours. 


Thanks for reading I look forward to you enjoying my work in the future.

Remember, don’t ever let anyone tell you where your from is not good enough, only you can define you!