Its almost like a fairytale

Except your real

Never seen your face

But can spot you in any crowd

Your hands are invisible

Yet u still touch me

Whispers from your voice

Lift me, comfort me, forgive me

Build a new me

One of a kind you are

Noone like you

Noone has the heart you do

Took on a lifetime job.

You dont get holiday pay

No days off

No breaks

You dont even get a sick day

Don’t clock in or out

You stay on the clock

your clock never stops

It continues to tick

While we make all the mistakes

And over and over

You restore our faith.

God I owe all to you.

Without you

I couldn’t be me

I could never fill your shoes

Or thank you enough for life

But you have my heart

You changed me

You blessed me

You continue to bless me

You help me see

im the best me wit G. O. D.