This is Melly checking in from the popping city of San Francisco!!! I have one question, Are you living, or you existing? Take some time and really ponder that question! 
For so long I found myself in the category of living to exist! Doing everything the quote on quote traditional way. Doing things that made other people comfortable. I would go to work all week, school before work, and after work. It always felt like the “air quotes” traditional way of life. I just didn’t seem to live much at all!!!


After having the summer off and finally being free, I decided that I wanted to find my own balance to live, live for me and those who always been down for me. So I made some adjustments that would turn my life around, but my happiness as well.


Not only did I start blogging this summer, I started a weight-loss journey, I’ve taken planned trips, and spontaneous trips(like this trip), I’ve made time for friends, family, my arts, my DIY projects, partied like a rockstar all summer, and even started my fourth degree, all while still getting to do what I love some teaching!!!!


Some people call me crazy , but I can truly say for the first time in a long time that I’m Living!!!! What will you do to join me you only get this thing called life once!!!!


Always gotta leave you with something 🙂



The more you create the guidelines for your life, the more comfortable the ride will be!

—— Melly