So Gone Challenge/What We Gone Do?

The color of my skin lets talk about that part

Sad part is half yall covered your ears before I start.

We can’t talk about color

Makes y’all uncomfortable

But our color has forever

Been uncomfortable

Tell me why back then it was comfortable

We weren’t free

We were beat

Couldn’t even take the same drink

All while America the great Was watching

That was a rewind

Now let me fast fwd

To the time when blacks are crying screaming murder

But I pray to god they will one day see

Cops ain’t the only one doing the killing

We got Brothas shooting brothas

That’s Black on black

Man wake up that shit is totally wack

What happened to us having each others back

What happen to us being proud to be black

Us uniting is where we lack

Im here today to bring that back

Hey can i say this to you,

my so gone challenge is also called what we gone do?

What will we do to stop the violence

When we gone come together

And form an alliance.

People Its time

we face the truth

I got a question

What we ganna do

I dont wanna preach all day

Dont wanna take up your time

These just the thoughts

they be on my mind

By: Melissa Scroggins Aka @itsmellymail