With the world being so divided, with the whole Kap issue, Ive been aimed at bringing the light to the darker side! The side people don’t wanna talk about, The side that doesn’t have a side! 
Caged Animal is simply the life we blindly live. We are treated like caged animals, except they get better treatment. Were not literally in a cage but we have for so many years been trapped in skin thats flat out hated not by all, but too many! 

Today for Melly Monday I present Caged Animal. 

Caged Animal!!!

Why is it that when an animal dies
They fight for its rights
But when were treated like animals everything’s alright 
Some still don’t understand 

Racism was never in our plans
Even though society 

Acts like were all free men
Well living in my skin 

I can tell you it ain’t true
How about stop arguing me down

And listen to my truths
Kap not standing shouldn’t be 

That upsetting to you
They Want to protest the NFL, 
Hell protest racism too 
Were tired of being blind

Not speaking our minds
Tired of freedom

Not being on our side
If I was a caged lion 

would you take me more serious 
Maybe if I was Harambe 

You would use your voice for me


Instead you Continuously rally against me And not for me
We live in a society 
Where this is reality 
Racism is on every street corner

But so many wanna take an alternate route
Running away dosent

Take these things away
It simply saves these problems 

For a new day.