Saturday was here and I struggled a bit to get moving because I decided to stay out late the night before (typical melly lol). I finally got moving and got dressed in my J’s and my Hussle Vision Tee, and little man rocked out in the Hussle Vision hat while also rocking another brand we support Anchors Only(IG: @anchorsonly). So we were all set to head out and do what we do best #SUPPORT!!!


Saturday I got the opportunity to hang out with my Cuz Marquese Wheaton owner of Hussle Vision, and it was def a release to remember. Always dope watching him do one of the things he does best, network! He linked with so many people that I lost count, always cool seeing him in action.  It’s  dope to think that when he was away at college, playing football, we would always have these convos about our visions and next moves, we would share ideas all that. All while we would both be doing homework(stayed plotting). Just made me think of the idea that it’s Never too late to make your vision come true. 

The release was kicked off at one of the hugest shoe experiences of the year Heated Sole. Where numerous brands showcased  their many forms of work. I  loved seeing so many people I personally knew pushing their brands continuing to keep their brands alive. Rob Bass Customs are a must check out (IG @basscustoms). He customizes sneakers as well as  some dope artwork. In addition to the brands, The sneaker move was truly on. Me being a sneaker head I was in shoe heaven!!!

After walking around I chilled at my cousin’s booth. For starters he had two huge flag banners that displayed the Hussle Vision logo, along with a display of logos he created for clients, yes they were dope. So if you need logo work or any of the items named below he is def your guy. Email:, and the IG is hussle_vision. His overall setup was pretty dope. Oh yeah, can’t forget he had the music going and the game system set up for his customers. The thing that truly impressed me was just how much work he does from flyers to business cards, t-shirts, banners, web work, and so much more. Truly was a dope event, and for me enjoyed kicking it with fam!

Later that night we took to Scottsdale for some celebrating of a successful release. Def was a turned up night!!! Hussle Vision def put it’s name on the map.

Be sure to check out the brands  I named above. Remember always show love! Signing off, Yours Truly Melissa Scroggins aka @itsmellymail 😀