Sometimes It takes someone strong

To build someone strong


Sometimes It takes failure

To change your behavior


Sometimes the negative

Helps you get to the positive


Sometimes in order to be up

You must have felt the pain of being down


Sometimes the people you hold close

May be holding you back


Sometimes the feeling of hurt

Is never the worst


Sometimes it’s the self doubt


Voices in your mind continuously yell out



Not good enough
Not smart enough
Not talented enough
Not pretty enough


Sometimes it’s just enough


Enough to make your balance



Enough to turn your smile into a



Enough to make hard work feel like



Enough to make you think life’s a



Then you stop and think deep about that taste


The taste of victory
The taste of succeeding
The taste of dreaming and making it come true


The taste of the few negatives that drew up your positives that made you ‘YOU’


Sometimes we have to realize negative and positive its not over until we say its over


Sometimes we just have to get in the driver seat and take over