It was a weekday September 6 and I was able to catch some SHINE. It was just 11 days before my bday so I was chillin. I wasn’t going to the concert I didn’t have tickets. I’m sitting on the couch just about to do my nails when my phone rings. It’s my ninja aka my cousin Brian. We’re always up to something so I was wondering how the call was going to go lol. I answer like what up, and he ask “do you wanna fuck some money up on a new toy”. Which I knew the concert was that night and that’s a line from one of our fav future songs so I immediately knew what he was talking about. So I said how much? He’s like just say yes or no as he’s laughing and I’m like no as I laugh and say for how much? I’m thinking he’s found us tickets. Then he goes for free, I’m like hellll yeah. Lol!!!

Straight Shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go shower get ready head to his house to pre- drink , we pick up our other cousin and head to the concert. We get there and didn’t even realize how good we had it. Turns out my cousin’s friend cousin was drakes road manager who got us in the concert VIP. We were in a special section on the floor with free drinks all night. I went from super buzzed to full blown lit.  Man,  I was sooooooooooo turned. I danced all night,  sang every song,  had my snapchat lit that night lol.  Drake and Future were in that thang and we turned up like it was the weekend. So many lights and stage props shined throughout the night. hands down one of the best concerts I’ve been to in my 31 years. So when I got home still hype at what I experienced, I managed to catch a little shine on my VIP band with a photo I snapped just before bed. SHINNNNNNEEEEEE!!!!!

That SHiINNNNNNE Though!!!!!!!


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SHINNNNNNNED all the way to the end!!!!