15094884_1360728307292913_5404909299325388459_nHa! I look at this picture and I laugh thinking about the recap of this turned trip. Where do I start on my trip to Dallas staying with Mr. Anchor himself. Let’s rewind. I had just dropped my boy Vick to the airport as he’s leaving Az to go home to Dallas. I literally get home and get a  phone call from my infamous cousin(turnup partner)  Brian. He basically says hey had to use my vacation days got a tix to Dallas you with it? It took me about 30 secs to think and have a pep talk to myself like “hmm you’ve  been trying to stick to the whole outlook of living, DO IT”. So I hit Vick like ayyye you in town such and such dates, because if yall know Vick like I do he jumps state every other day lol. so he let me know he will be home. So I hop online and find a flight and prepare for my trip to Dallas.


Me and B link at the airport for our 5:55 A.M. flight, boy was I sleepy lmao. We board and B instantly falls asleep on me lol. I throw my beats on and bump some tunes and I knockout. Soon after we made it to our destination Dallas, Texas. We go grab our bags, and shuttle to swoop B’s rental car. B drops me at Vick and Tarryns spot and the funniest thing is he is already turned from the night before lol. Haha, it was def a welcome to Dallas.

So the day began and first off I got a dose of the cold ass Dallas weather ( The AZ girl in me talking out loud lol). T showed me around the place, we took Blaze for a walk, and we hung at their coffee shop downstairs and had some good girl talk. We headed back and I got settled in for my stay. T even cooked my fav tacos ;). We then got ready and headed out to Vicks drunk kickball game. They won their first game and were in the Championship game. Idk what happened this game they were down about 7-1. Out of nowhere his team fought back and tied the game. So crazy that I was there to witness and it came down to the wire. Vicks at the home plate with a full count and it’s the bottom of the final ending. Then booooom he kicks the ball hard as hell into the  far right field bringing in a few runs and winning the game. Me and T got so hype. I’m screaming let’s go! He takes home the trophy and we hit a few bars for the night just to mildly celebrate.


Friday and Saturday were can I say mannnnnn. We turned up so hard that I literally had to photo myself in defeat ahhaha. #whenyouwaveyourwhiteflag you look like this (insert crying Jordan face).


We started the days lit random shots and  wakeup calls from turned Vick, and ended them the same way.


Each night we stepped out I met new cool peeps. (Vick knows everybody and they mama lol).


Can’t leave out eating at a spot called Pappasitos it was everything.


One of the more chill things I really enjoyed was Hanging out on the rooftop  looking at the city(I’m a Sucker for views) while T grilled.


Friday night Vick had his kickball celebration party and there was free beer all night and we totally took advantage of it hahah!!! (I drank close to a 12 pack) on top of shots and adios and crown, and whatever else lol.

Even had the opportunity of celebrating Vicks son Blaze birthday(he happens to have four legs and he’s spoiled lol).

My whole stay we had a theme song we stayed lit to.

Def made some memories!!!!


We had so many random moments. This guy lol!!!<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/192871449&#8243; width=”640″ height=”1143″ frameborder=”0″

Oh my Mel!!! lmao

This spur of the moment trip was one I truly enjoyed. Shout out to T and V for their hospitality. My names Melissa my friends call me Melly, and I’m just a woman on a mission to successful living.