Hey guys! I’m bringing a new segment that will be called let’s talk about it. I will be bringing topics and would love dialogue back and forth. This first topic jumped out to me because I am going hard and dropping weight rapidly during my weight loss. So for this conversation to be thrown around so loosely is crazy. In this case plastered leaving a constant reminder.



As I wake up body sore, (yesterday was leg day) I truly see how some people can be blinded by what is quote on quote reality. How people can harm their body to get what Hollywood perceives as the perfect body.

As I scroll my Instagram I notice the love I’m getting on my weight loss journey. People who are motivated, people who are pushing me I love it. Then I stumble into the latest drop of Dolce and Gabbana shoes SMH!!!

The shoes say things like “love you more” “I’m thin and gorgeous”. Sooo clichè. Last I checked, thin didn’t get you a gorgeous stamp, it also didn’t warrant you as healthy. This is the world we live in!!!
Hollywood has made reality close to impossible. Thank God for thick skin. However, what message do we send to those who are not so thin? Or does getting a few bucks take that part of our soul out of our body?

Even though the shoe was distasteful, nor cute,  his response was extremely out of line. He stated” When idiocy distorts reality. 😭😂😂😂 Incredible. Next time we’ll write love to be fat and full of cholesterol😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️”


I don’t know whats worse, the fact that such a serious matter is a joke and laughs to him,  or the fact that he’s distorting from Reality. I wonder if Stefano knows at my fathers smallest weight yes the thin and gorgeous size he had two heart attacks. I wonder does this include the women committing to anorexia to be Stefano’s thin and gorgeous size. Excuse my sensitivity but the crackhead on the corner thin and gorgeous right.


Clearly the Hollywood persona has taken him away from the real world we live in. It’s gut wrenching that people still think big is an obvious sign of unhealthy and small is automatically healthy. Like my father who was thin however full of cholesterol would he be the perfect fit for your shoe, or would that be too much of real life unedited reality! (Not the VH1 kind)


All money ain’t good money. Signed an educated not so thin, but extremely gorgeous, getting fit, (not full of cholesterol btw) with room left to blossom woman✊🏾